Pride is a critically important month in America.  Not only for members of the LGBTQIA+ community but for everyone.  It's a time to celebrate the victories that we have achieved in the name of equality, as well as a time to mourn the losses we have suffered in order to arrive where we are today.

Project Good Apparel was founded on two principles Dress Well and Do Good.  While we can all have differing opinions on what it means to dress well, it is undeniable that in order to do good, we have to strive each and every day to build a world where every person regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or religious creed feels welcome and free to be their authentic selves.

While many companies utilize pride as an opportunity to capitalize on the successes and strides made by the LGBTQIA+ community, we want to ensure that our contribution is a true celebration of the beauty and power shown by the brave individuals who choose to live their truth.  However, celebrating our victories is only one side of what Pride is meant to be.  We must acknowledge the fights that we still have and the ongoing struggle to ensure equality for all people.

Sadly, this fight is on many fronts and it seems that those who oppose freedom for all are becoming bolder in their attempts to oppress.  With that in mind, Project Good Apparel has decided to support Equality Texas with this design.  Texas is one of the many battleground states where equality and the rights of Americans are under the most direct threat and we want to stand on the frontlines alongside those battling this bigotry.

"Watch us Bloom" is meant to remind us all of the beauty of what we've accomplished thus far as a community and to warn those who would attempt to bury us that we will grow, we will flourish, and we will bloom.

Love will always win.

- The Team at Project Good Apparel

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