Pride. Every Day.

Pride matters a lot to each of us at Project Good Apparel.

We are proud of who we are, who our families are, and of every individual who chooses to live a life of authenticity and love. 

While it may not always be June, we firmly believe that Pride, and everything it stands for, should be celebrated year-round.  With that in mind, we have carved out a dedicated page on our little corner of the internet to keep the celebration of love going 365 days a year.

We're so incredibly proud of the work we're able to do to help the LGBTQIA+ community and we're excited to keep up the fight all year long.

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καὶ τί δὲν κάνατε γιὰ νὰ μὲ
θάψετεὅμως ξεχάσατε
πὼς ἤμουν σπόρος

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What didn’t you do to bury me
but you forgot I was a seed.

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